Sunday, June 18, 2006

Novartis v. Merck over diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus)

Novartis v. Merck over diabetes
CNN Money - Jun 13 7:34 AM
WASHINGTON ( - Merck and Novartis both released studies on experimental diabetes drugs Tuesday, painting a picture of an imminent market face-off between potential blockbusters.Save to My Web

Diabetes Threat Faces 1 in 10 Scots Warning at Launch of Three-Year Blueprint to Improve Treatment
RedNova - Jun 15 3:16 PM
By GORDON THOMSON ONE in 10 people in Scotland will develop diabetes within 25 years if current trends are not halted. The health warning came at the launch of a new action plan to improve treatments and prevent others from being struck down by the condition.Save to My Web

Saipan Tribune - Jun 17 9:03 PM
A recently issued research study on diabetes showed that majority of sophomore students who are of Asian or Pacific Islander descent have a family history of diabetes, putting them at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes.Save to My Web

Antisense drugs show potential in metabolic disorders
PharmaBiz - Jun 15 11:49 PM
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the results from multiple preclinical studies demonstrating potent and selective antisense inhibition of multiple gene targets involved in metabolic disorders including type 2 diabetes.Save to My Web

Stroke risk spikes with diabetes diagnoses - Jun 18 6:23 AM
EDMONTON -- People with Type 2 diabetes the most common kind have an increased risk of having a stroke starting immediately after their diagnosis, says new research from the University of Alberta.Save to My Web

Diabetes Mellitus