Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hopkins Researchers Discover Potential New (Diabetes Mellitus) Approach To Treating

Hopkins Researchers Discover Potential New Approach To Treating
Medical News Today - Scientists at Johns Hopkins have uncovered a surprising and novel way of lowering blood sugar levels in mice by manipulating the release of sugar by liver cells. The results, published in the June issue of Cell Metabolism, have implications for

From the HealthyWomen Seafood Guide
WTVM - Although the link between seafood consumption and improved health has been known for decades, a number of recent studies are shedding new light on the many health benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. Considered essential nutrients

Generex Biotechnology Announces Presentation of Interim Breast
MSN MoneyCentral - Generex Biotechnology Corporation (NASDAQ: GNBT) announced today that Dr. Eric von Hofe, Ph.D., President of Antigen Express, Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, made a presentation of the Company's overall peptide vaccine technology and the status of

Pitching in for the Popcorn Lady
Seattle Times - Julie LaPlante of Bellevue earned her nickname, The Popcorn Lady, one kernel at a time. For years she has popped the treat weekly for students at Spiritridge Elementary and Tillicum Middle School. The ultimate PTA mom and volunteer, LaPlante can

Chronic Kidney Disease On The Rise, Early Detection Of Kidney Disease.
Press Trust - Perhaps genetic factors along with lifestyle changes are responsible for the high incidence. India is fast becoming the diabetes capital of the world. More than 35.5 million people in India now have diabetes. According to a study conducted World

Books : The Great Canoes: Reviving a Northwest Coast Tradition
Science Daily - Although this book discusses some of the building techniques of northwest coastal Indian canoes, it is not a "how-to" manual. Instead, it is more of a "coffee table" book dealing with the history, construction, and modern uses of the large dug-out

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