Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Diabetes Mellitus - A cup of joe (decaf too) may curb diabetes

A cup of joe (decaf too) may curb diabetes
The Star-Ledger - Jun 26 11:51 PM
CHICAGO -- Coffee, especially the decaffeinated kind, seems to offer protection against adult-onset diabetes, a study said yesterday.Save to My Web

Coffee May Cut Diabetes Risk
CBS 4 Miami - Jun 27 5:13 PM
A new study finds that drinking a lot of coffee, especially decaf, may help prevent diabetes. On The Early Show Tuesday, medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay elaborated on the possible good news for those who enjoy their cups of joe.Save to My Web

Mobile texting speeds can help diagnose stroke
Times Online - Jun 28 8:45 AM
A DIFFICULTY in sending mobile-phone text messages could be an early symptom of neurological disease, doctors have warned.Save to My Web

Research Notebook
The Oregonian - Jun 28 12:23 AM
up with ocean temperature Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say there's been an 8 percent increase this spring in the number of gray whale calves migrating north along the Pacific Coast.Save to My Web

Kirkus Reviews - Jun 27 5:10 AM
Managing diabetes can be a complicated and overwhelming task, but this innovative organizer will help you gain control over the disease.Save to My Web

Auxilium researchers find potential marker of diabetic heart disease
Pharmaceutical Business Review - Jun 26 6:00 PM
Research conducted by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals suggests that abnormally low testosterone levels may be linked to indicators of cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes patients.Save to My Web

Diabetes Mellitus