Monday, June 19, 2006

Bayer HealthCare Expands Diabetes Care Business In China (Diabetes Mellitus)

Bayer HealthCare Expands Diabetes Care Business In China
China CSR, China - Jun 18, 2006 campaigns in both countries to educate people about the value of better diabetes management through rigorous blood glucose monitoring, diet, exercise, and

Nestl continues health focus with Jenny Craig acquisition
Financial Times, UK - 5 hours ago nutritional products in response to growing concerns about diet and obesity. obesity and the resulting metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and cardiovascular

Can this spread be stopped?
Boston Globe, United States - Jun 18, 2006 Spurred by skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity and diabetes, many states are last month the nation's soft-drink makers agreed to remove non-diet sodas from

Small Steps for Big Results
Standard-Speaker, PA - 8 minutes ago progression of coronary heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity consistently documented bigger, sustained changes in diet and lifestyle

Low-carb diet may help with diabetes
United Press International - Jun 14, 2006 for long-term blood-sugar levels in diabetes. The study also reports that seven patients who immediately switched to a 20-percent carbohydrate diet from a low

Diabetes Mellitus